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Discover innovative wholesale waxing products tailored for professional salons and spas. Our diverse range includes specialty wax blends, eco-friendly options, and cutting-edge accessories. Elevate your service quality and client satisfaction with our top-quality waxing solutions.

wholesale waxing supplies
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wholesale waxing products

Why Choose Our Unique Wholesale Waxing Products?

Step up your waxing game with our specialty wax blends crafted for specific hair types and skin sensitivities. From sensitive skin formulas to extra-grip blends for coarse hair, our unique formulations ensure superior hair removal results with minimal discomfort.

Join the sustainability movement with our eco-conscious waxing products made from natural and biodegradable ingredients. Reduce your salon’s environmental footprint without compromising on performance or quality, offering eco-friendly alternatives to your clients.

Enhance your waxing services with our cutting-edge accessories designed for efficiency and precision. From ergonomic spatulas to innovative applicators, our accessories streamline your waxing process, ensuring flawless results and client satisfaction.

Explore Unique Wholesale Waxing Products for Exceptional Salon Results

At PeekissWax, we redefine the standard of excellence in wholesale waxing products, catering to the diverse needs of professional salons and spas worldwide. With our commitment to innovation and quality, we present a curated collection of unique waxing solutions that set your services apart. From specialty wax blends to eco-conscious options, our range is designed to elevate your salon experience and exceed client expectations.

wholesale waxing products

Explore our range of specialty wax formulas, including hypoallergenic blends, nourishing formulas enriched with botanical extracts, and fast-setting options for time-efficient services.

Choose from our selection of eco-friendly wax options, including soy-based waxes, biodegradable strips, and reusable waxing tools made from sustainable materials.

Browse our innovative waxing accessories, such as precision applicators, temperature-controlled wax warmers, and ergonomic workstation setups designed for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Discover our range of hard wax beads, specially formulated for gentle and effective hair removal. Available in a variety of scents and sizes, our hard wax beads are perfect for all skin types.

Experience smooth and silky results with our soft wax collection. Made from premium ingredients, our soft wax adheres to the hair and not the skin, minimizing discomfort and irritation.

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Waxing Accessories

From spatulas to wax warmers, we offer a selection of high-quality waxing accessories to enhance your waxing services.

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wholesale waxing supplies

At Peekiss, we’re dedicated to revolutionizing the salon experience with our unique wholesale waxing products. Whether you’re looking to offer specialized wax blends, embrace eco-friendly practices, or upgrade your waxing tools, we have the solutions to meet your needs. Elevate your salon services and exceed client expectations with our innovative waxing products. Contact us today to learn more about our wholesale options and take your salon to new heights of success.

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