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Welcome to Peekisswax, where you’ll find the most preferred roll-on waxing solutions for your hair removal needs. Designed for both professional and home hair removal, our roll on wax hair removal is simple and easy to use for inexperienced people compared to traditional hair removal methods.Peekisswax roll on wax hair removal has superb adhesion and a variety of pleasant scents to ensure even coverage. Peekisswax roll on wax hair removal has superb adhesion and a variety of pleasant scents to ensure immediate results and minimize discomfort.

wholesale waxing supplies
wholesale waxing supplies

Multiple scents and formulations

Peekisswax offers a variety of scents and formulas to suit different preferences and needs. Whether you need a wax for coarse hair or a gentle wax for sensitive skin, our range has you covered.

Why choose Peekisswax roll on wax hair removal?

wholesale waxing supplies

Discover our roll on wax hair removal range

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera roll-on wax is known for its soothing properties and is perfect for sensitive skin. It helps to moisturize the skin during the waxing process, reducing redness and irritation.

Tea Tree Flavor


Milk roll-on wax is enriched with nourishing ingredients that leave the skin feeling soft and smooth. This formula is ideal for normal to dry skin types and ensures a gentle yet effective hair removal experience.

Milk Flavor


Our Rose Roll-on Wax is lightly scented with rose for a luxurious hair removal experience. Suitable for all skin types, this wax provides excellent adhesion and removes both fine and coarse hairs.

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Our Pearl Soft Wax is designed for a luxurious hair removal experience. Enriched with real pearl extracts, this wax not only effectively removes hair, but also leaves skin radiant and smooth. The pearl ingredient provides gentle exfoliation and is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The light and fresh fragrance adds a touch of elegance to your hair removal routine.

Pearl Flavor


Lavender Soft Wax is infused with the soothing aroma of lavender. This calming scent is perfect for creating a relaxing waxing experience. This wax contains lavender essential oil, which helps to soothe and calm the skin during the waxing process, reducing redness and irritation. Suitable for larger areas such as legs and arms, Lavender Soft Wax leaves the skin smooth after hair removal with minimal discomfort.

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Our Honey Soft Wax combines the natural benefits of honey with superior hair removal. Honey is known for its moisturizing and soothing properties, making this wax ideal for dry or sensitive skin. The rich, sweet honey scent adds a touch of pleasure to your hair removal process. This depilatory wax has strong adhesion and effectively removes even the coarsest hairs.

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wholesale waxing supplies
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