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Discover Superior Hard Wax Beads for Effortless Hair Removal

Explore Peekisswax’s range of hard wax beads, meticulously crafted for effective and gentle hair removal. With various fragrances and formulations, our hard wax beads ensure a smooth waxing experience. Elevate your salon services with Peekisswax’s premium hard wax beads today.

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wholesale waxing supplies

Why Choose Peekisswax Hard Wax Beads?

Peekisswax hard wax beads are formulated using premium-quality ingredients to provide superior adhesion and effective hair removal. Our advanced formulation minimizes discomfort and irritation, leaving the skin smooth and hair-free.

With a variety of fragrances including rose, Brazilian, milk, pearl, aloe vera, and lavender, Peekisswax hard wax beads offer a sensory delight during the waxing process. Each fragrance is carefully selected to enhance the waxing experience and leave a pleasant scent on the skin.

Peekisswax hard wax beads are gentle on the skin and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Our hypoallergenic formulation ensures minimal irritation, making the waxing process comfortable and enjoyable for your clients.

Peekisswax Hard Wax Beads: Your Solution for Effortless Hair Removal

Welcome to Peekisswax, your trusted source for premium hard wax beads.

Designed to deliver superior hair removal results, our hard wax beads are crafted with precision and care. With Peekisswax, you can expect an effortless waxing experience that leaves your clients feeling smooth and satisfied.

Our range of hard wax beads caters to different skin types and hair textures, ensuring optimal performance for all your waxing needs. Whether you’re a seasoned esthetician or new to the industry, Peekisswax hard wax beads are the perfect addition to your salon or spa.

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Explore Peekisswax Range of Hard Wax Beads

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Rose Hard Wax Beads / 500g 1.1lb

Experience the delicate scent of roses with Peekisswax rose hard wax beads. Formulated for sensitive skin, these beads provide gentle hair removal while leaving the skin smooth and moisturized.

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Honey Hard Wax Beads / 500g 1.1lb

Experience efficient hair removal with Peekisswax Honey hard wax beads. Designed for coarse hair, these beads provide exceptional grip and deliver salon-quality results with minimal discomfort.

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Milk Hard Wax Beads / 500g 1.1lb

Enriched with nourishing milk extracts, Peekisswax milk hard wax beads offer gentle hair removal for all skin types. These beads leave the skin hydrated and moisturized, making them perfect for sensitive skin.

Peekisswax specialty formulations, including hypoallergenic blends, nourishing options enriched with botanical extracts, and fast-setting beads for time-efficient services.


We are proud holders of FDA, MSDS, GMPC, and CPSR certifications, ensuring our products meet the highest standards of safety and efficacy.

wholesale waxing supplies

Elevate your waxing services with Peekisswax’s premium hard wax beads. With superior formulation, versatile fragrances, and gentle-on-skin properties, our hard wax beads offer an exceptional waxing experience for both estheticians and clients. Contact Peekisswax today to order your hard wax beads and take your salon services to the next level.

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